Refrigeration Controls


Temperature Controllers ( Sub-Zero ) 

Controller With 10/ 20A Relay

Freezer / Cold Room Controller

Chiller Controller

Antifreeze Controllers

T/TE 2 Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Thermostatic Expansion Valves regulate the injection of refrigerant liquid into evaporators. Injection is controlled by the refrigerant superheat. Therefore the valves are expecially suitable for liquid injection in "dry" evaporators where the superheat at the evaporator outlet is proportional to the evaporator load.

Pressure Regulators Orifice

The range of Pressure Regulators and Pressure and Temperature Regulators have many different functions in both commercial and industrial refrigeration and air conditioning applications, such as: capacity regulation, crankcase pressure regulation, receiver pressure regulation, evaporation pressure regulation and condensing pressure regulation. The range also contains Liquid Distributors, Pilot Valves, Motorized Valves, Oil Regulating Valves and Overflow Valves.

Filter Driers by DML / DCL

DCL filter driers are optimised for HCFC and CFC refrigerants and mineral or benzene oils. The filter driers are hermetic and approved for up to 46 ba...

Superlon Insulation

SUPERLON is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric nitrile foam material designed primarily for thermal insulation. SUPERLON insulation is black in colour and is available either in tubing or sheet form. The extruded flexible tubing is specially designed to fit the standard diameters of steel and copper pipings. Sheets are available in standard precut sizes or in rolls.

Expansion Valves


We offer a range of expansion bellows which are known Expansion Valves type SVE-FBVE-BBIVE. These expansion bellows are primarily used to absorb movement in piping caused by the thermal changes. Manufactured using quality material, these are used mainly used in fertilizer, chemical and steel industries. These expansion bellows are valued by the clients for their ability of absorbing mechanical and thermal movements in the duct systems and pipe works

Industrial Expansion Valves


We offer the high quality of the Industrial Expansion Valves type HVE-MVE-VVE. these are of the superior quality and are of the great demand in the market.

Vibration Eliminator

The function of a Vibration Eliminator is to absorb compressor vibration. By installing a vibration eliminator, the risk of damage to system equipment and pipe work is reduced. Each unit is constructed of a deep pitch corrugated hose covered with a stainless steel braid. The hose and braid are reinforced by ferrules at each end and connected to copper tube ends by a high temperature braze alloy.

Ball Valves

Ball valves are used in a wide variety of air conditioning and refrigeration applications. They can be used for both liquid and gas applications. This type of valve is commonly used for isolating purposes. All valves are suitable for CO2, HCFC and HFC refrigerants along with their associated oils.

Pressure Release Valve

Pressure Release Valves are so called as the stem is sealed via a packed gland. This is new high pressure valve has a full stainless steel construction which allows for higher working pressures of up to 160 barg. Thus the product is suitable for transcritical CO2 applications.