SUPERLON ® is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric nitrile foam material designed primarily for thermal insulation. Our products comes in black or other colors, & is available either in tubing or sheet form. The extruded flexible tubing is specially designed to fit the standard diameters of steel & copper pipings. Sheets are available in pre-cut size, or in rolls. Several items of ancillary products are also available like foam tape, gasket tape, adhesive glue, weather paints, etc.


SUPERLON ® Thermal insulation materials are used primarily to insulate another material (or surface) to prevent or significantly reduce the thermal energy (heat) flow to preserve either hot or cold temperatures within the insulated material thus enabling energy and cost savings. In addition, as thermal insulation is provided by covering the materials or surfaces required to be insulated with the thermal insulation materials chosen, depending on the type of insulation materials used and its application purpose, thermal insulation materials are also used to provide other secondary insulation purposes such as the following:-

Types of Insulations Available
  • Insulation Hot & Cold and Flexible Ducting.
  • Flexible Duct.
  • Insulation Tube
  • Nitteral Sheet.