Heating Elements



Application: Air-Conditioning, Stoving Paints, Textiles, Leather Drying Chambers, Heating-Arrangements.
Technical Data: Generally available from 0.5 kw to 3.5 kw, 240 Volt Ac50 Hz single phase. Operates upto 400 F. Spl. Heater can also be made according to specifications

Construction: Are made of Stainless Steel, GP Sheathing having the heat Resistance Chrome nickel 80/20 elements protected under the best insulation to avoid the leakage of current and to ensure the long life of the heaters. Finns *(3”x1.5”), **(3.5”x1.5”) which increase the output of heat to the maximum dissipation and having screw type terminals on one end for proper connection.

Installation: Within forced air only in horizontal position 

Cat No. Watts Volts Total Length Inches Hole to Hole Distance Inches
*FSH-05 500 240 12 10.25
*FSH-07 750 240 12 10.25
*FSH-10 1000 240 18 16.25
*FSH-15 1500 240 18 16.25
*FSH-20 2000 240 29 27.25
*FSH-25 2500 240 33.50 32.75
*FSH-30 3000 240 33.50 32.75
**FSH-30+ 3000 240 33.50 32.75
**FSH-35 3500 240 33.50 32.75


Application: Air-Conditioning, Electric Ovens, Gasws, Hot Air Chambers.

Technical Data: Generally available from 1.5 KW to 4 KW, 230 volts, AC 50 HZ, Single phase. Operates upto 550 F. Two L-Clamps are provided on both ends of heaters for proper installation.

Construction: Finned Air Heaters are consisting of two tubuler mineral filled incoloy-800/stainless steel-321 sheathed elements dia 8mm, in one unit G.P. Finns (3.5”x1.5’) are provided for quick dissipation of Heat. It can be installed in any position as per space requirements. Its 50% wattage can be utilized if required. Its special feature-maximum wattage in minimum space

Installation: With in forced air with thermostat in any position

Cat No. Watts Volts Total Length Inches Hole to Hole Distance Inches
DTA-15 1500 230 12 10.25
DTA-20 2000 230 18 16.25
DTA-20+ 2000 230 29 27.25
DTA-30 3000 230 24 22.25
DTA-30+ 3000 230 33.50 32.75
DTA-40 4000 230 36 34.25


Application: Cold Storage doors.

Technical Data: Available in Standard Lengths of 3.5, 6, 11 & 25 mtr. 110, 230 VVvolt AC 50 Hz Single Side Connection 45 w/mtr. Double Side Connection 25w/mtr..

Construction: The Element of nickle 80/20 is wrapped on fiber thread then insulated by teflon coating and then braided by stainless steel wire.


Application: Are made from Brass/Stainless Steel/ Special Steel and used to hest oil in various makes of following Air Conditioning Compressors. Some of them are having flanges for fixing in Compressors. Some heaters have provision for Thermostat and operated at 230V. AC 50 Hz Kirloskar, Frick, York, Voltas, K.G. Khosla, Carrier, Etc.