Compressors for transport applications

BITZER reciprocating compressors perform their tasks in a variety of transport applications. These silent aluminum lightweights in open drive design are employed in bus air conditioning ranging form small minibuses to double-decker buses or in transport rifrigeration systems.
Ferquency-controlled semi-hermetic aluminum compressors are out at sea cooling modern conditioning of passenger trains, suburban trains and locomotive driver's cabs have already traveled millions of miles.

Open Drive AL Renyned 4UFR(Y)

Low weight and small dimensions are essential for mobile applications. These BITZER aluminum compressors are among the most compact of their kind on the market. They offer a very high efficiency level, their minimal power consumption guarantees maximum economy.

The drive via magnetic clutch, capacity control, oil drier in the crankcase and exchangeable cylinder liners ensure easy maintenance. These are only some of the many advantages of the series. Of course these compressors can be operated with modern chlorine free refrigerants

Semi-Hermetic Design

BITZER owes a considerable portion of its success its well-known OCTAGO series and ".2 Generation" reciprocating compressors. These compressors are particularly efficient, sturdy, relible, low-vibration and silent and can thus be put to many uses in heat pump, air conditionin and refrigeration applications, extending from medium temperature to low temperature applications requiring small and medium capacities. In addition, the modern design meets the specific requiremnts for all modern refrigerants.

Semi hermetic compact screws (CSH and CSW)

Compact screws are equipped with integrated oil separator and four-step or continuously variable slide capacity control. Thanks to this feature, the compressor is easy to integrate in short circuits, such as water or brine chillers. The economizer is inte-grated in the slide control and can thus be operated effectively both during full and partial load.






Commercial Refrigeration7 Compressor (Copeland)

Because of their unmatched reliability, Copeland Scroll™ compressors are being used more and more in commercial refrigeration as contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seek new ways to utilize the technology in supermarket, foodservice and healthcare applications.


Copeland Scroll K5 Compressor

  • 7.5–15 horsepower for supermarket, walk-in, and industrial applications
  • Approved for low, medium, & high temperature applicationss
  • R-404A, R-407A, R-407C, R-134a ready
  • Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) available for best total store efficiency
  • Improvements in low condensing performance for better real world benefit (AEER)
  • Equipped with CoreSense Diagnostics for advanced reliability

Copeland Scroll CO2 Compressor

  • Leverages reliability of proven Copeland Scroll technology
  • Designed For CO2 pressure and lubrication requirements
  • Hermetic design to reduce potential for leaks
  • Digital modulation available from 10–100%

Copeland Scroll ZS*KA Compressor

  • 1-4 horsepower applications
  • Evaporating temperatures from -25°F to 45°F
  • R-404A, R507, R-134a, R-407A/C, & R-22
  • Recommended for walk-in refrigerators and freezers, soft serve machines, frozen beverage machines

Copeland Scroll ZFKV Compressor

  • 4–15 horsepower low temp optimized compressor
  • R-404A, R-407A, & R-407C ready
  • Designed for Enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) performance gains
  • Improved system capacity (~50%) and efficiency (~20%)
  • Digital modulation available from 10-100%


The AW series of energy efficient compressors from Tecumseh, is undoubtedly most preferred range of compressors for air-conditioners.

  • Super Tropical
  • Low Noise level
  • Wide Voltage Range
  • Highly Efficient
  • Proven Product


The AW series of energy efficient compressors from Tecumseh, is undoubtedly most preferred range of compressors for air-conditioners.

  • Super Tropical
  • High EER
  • High motor Torque
  • Low Sound & Vibration
  • Wide Operating voltage

Many of the leading Refrigeration Equipment manufacturers and contractors have placed their wholehearted trust and staked reputation of their brands on the Tecumseh compressors. The rugged and reliable range, backed by Tecumseh’s unmatched service has emerged as the first preference for all biggest names in the business in commercial refrigeration segment.