About Mahesh Refrigeration Co.

Refrigeration and AC equipment are inseparable parts of the quality of life and contribute every day, by meeting our needs, to safety and comfort. As such, they represent a significant sign of a society’s development. Mahesh Electronics and Mahesh Refrigeration Co. , leader in providing solutions/products of industrial and commercial refrigeration, has chosen to contribute to sustainable development by:

  • Providing reliable products, designed for efficient and long term refrigeration.
  • Selecting refrigerants which do not deplete the Ozone(O3) layer.
  • Earning the loyalty of its customers, OEMs and dealers.
  • Gaining the confidence of its partners in industry and distribution.

    Our Other Out-Lets

    • A.M. Trading Co. is Authorised Tecumseh Partner (ATP) for Promoting its complete Commercial Refrigeration Solutions in the state of Punjab, Chandigarh & Himachal Pradesh.
    • A.M. Trading Co is also authorised distributor of  Heat Exchanger (p) Ltd. for the distribution of Condensor coils and Evaporator Coils.




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